Place of Peace

A performative documentary short film by Antonina Gotfrid

Director: Antonina Gotfrid

Production: 2023

Length: 26 min.

Languages: Ukrainian

Producers: Antonina Gotfrid  


Five Ukrainians and their life in exile in Berlin tell their stories about their “Place of Peace”. The interweaving of documentary material and interview sequences with performances by Ukrainian performance group Viltze as well as the music composed by Omari Mshvenieradze and the original look make it a special documentary. Despite all the artistic elements, the cold reality of war is not forgotten. It tells touching, brutal, but also encouraging stories and lets its protagonists have their say without any judgmental commentary by the filmmaker.


In Development:

„Für die Zukunft“ (Engl.: „For the future“)

A Satirical Short Film by Jonas Hartmann

Director: Jonas Hartman

Production: 2023

Length: 8 min.

Language: German

Cast: Thorsten Merten, Jeanette Hain, Jonas Hartmann Jonas 

Producers: Jonas Hartmann, Luca Asperius

A policeman, who has understood the effects of climate change, starts to implement a list of penalties on his own authority, which the politicians have not yet anchored in the law. The first to feel the impact are two car passengers who actually only wanted to go for a short drive around the corner.

Photo: Paul Kobelev


A Horror Short Film by Taylor Rasmussen

Director: Taylor Rasmussen

Production: 2024

Legth: ca. 10 min.

Language: German

Cast: Cynthia Buchheim

An actress in her 40ies tries to learn the lines for her long-awaited role for years “Medea”. She locks herself in a tiny gardenhouse to find the silence she needs for herself. Bur not only her husband and child interrupt her from concentration.

Also, an intruder gives her no peace …

“Odesa – Berlin” (working title)

A Coming-of-History Drama by Cynthia Buchheim and Pavlo Arje

Director: Oksana Taranenko

Production: 2024

Length: 120 min.

Languages: German, Ukrainian, English

Producers: Trueman Production

Funding: Netflix in Cooperation with Ukrainian Film Academy and VG-Wort, NEUSTART  KULTUR, Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

‘Odesa Berlin’ is a love story about the connection of a German and a Ukrainian Jew. Her family’s Nazi past is directly related to his history. When Russia attacks Ukraine in 2022, the cards are reshuffled for the two protagonists.

Design: Nadine Baske
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