About Us

Cynerauch films was founded in spring 2023 by screenwriter and actress Cynthia Buchheim together with media lawyer Felix Rauch. At that time, Cynthia was working as a writer on the screenplay project ODESA-BERLIN on behalf of a Ukrainian production company. Felix offered to support her in the realization, as the project was in danger of failing due to the war. The idea of founding a joint production company was born and promptly implemented.  Since then they also took over the co-production for the Ukrainian documentary short film PLACE OF PEACE by Antonina Gotfrid which will premiere at the Lublin Film Festival in the fall of 2023. In the meantime, further projects are in development. The satirical short film “For the Future” by Jonas Hartmann as well as the short mystery thriller “Aedem” by American newcomer Taylor Rasmussen.

Our Vision

In the cinema, when light strikes tiny floating particles, cinematic smoke – the cynerauch – is created, the projection surface for our dreams. Cynerauch projects stimulate and excite, tell of the journey into the new unfamiliar and of the sensuality of life. We want to exhilarate our audience, using only the means of storytelling and visual language. And when the cynerauch has subsided, tiny particles remain in the viewer’s memory.

The Team

Photo: Daniel Zimmermann

Cynthia Buchheim

The actress discovered her affinity for writing and producing while working in the theater. Thus, her own burlesuqe theater project LES PETITES ROUGES was created in 2010. In 2015, she produced her first short film. The queer drama TWO PAIRS OF SHOES, acclaimed at festivals worldwide, on which’s story she also contributed. From 2017, she developed scripts and series concepts for UFA Serial Drama, TRUEMAN PRODUCTION or GRETCHEFILM GmbH for which she also worked as production assistant.  In the summer of 2023, she made a brief detour as assistant director for RP Kahl’s project DIE ERMITTLUNG. But now she is ready to let the CYNERAUCH rule her life.

Photo: Daniel Zimmermann

Felix Rauch

Felix Rauch went to Cologne in 2003 to study film and screenwriting but then decided to make a degree at law school with a focus on media rights and intellectual property. In addition to his law studies, Felix took classes in philosophy and Economics. 2015 he founded a law firm in cologne and expanded to Berlin in 2017, where he offered service in contract creation and consulting to several media and production companies. In 2023 he and Cynthia Buchheim founded cynerauch films

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